Our Story

Traditionalist Bourbon is handcrafted on our third generation farm, with a nod to those who set the standard before us. Uncompromising, refined, and enduring - because some traditions never go out of style.

Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery

It's 1945, and Lloyd Vogt was returning home from World War II.  He was soon to be married, and needed to find a way to support his family.  He set his sights on farming, and soon began practicing his trade in central Iowa.  Lured by fertile soil and the opportunity to purchase land of his own, the young couple settled in southeastern Minnesota in the early 50s.  Here his dreams began to take root, as his family grew along with his acreage.  He would grow different crops and raise various animals, but one thing in particular was always raised...corn.  Gary and Ron, Lloyd's sons, began helping on the farm at an early age, as was expected.  After briefly setting out on their own paths, both returned to farming full time in their early 20s.  The farm kept expanding, you have to if you're to support three families, and the dairy and pork operations were phased out to focus on corn.  Lloyd eventually retired,  Gary and Ron took it over, and their success allowed them to pursue interests outside of farming row crops.  In 2011, Gary and his wife Vicky opened Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery on a 10 acre parcel carved out of tillable ground, adjacent to fields of grain as far as they eye can see.  Some have said it's the best dining experience you can have in the middle of a cornfield, but it's best known for Loon Juice and Four Daughters Wine.  For nearly a decade they used grapes and apples to craft wonderful wines and ciders enjoyed all throughout the upper midwest.  There was a sense of contentment at the winery until one day, a distiller walked in asked,
"What are you going to do with all this corn?"